Forage system
The rotary dryer designed by our company is suitable for the drying of materials such as forage, palm leaf, pomace and distiller’s grains. We have designed and manufactured Asia’s largest rotary dryer in Malaysia. The forage and other materials enter from the higher end of the dryer. The hot air generated by coal heating air furnace enters the dryer through the high-temperature pipe after being dedusted by the high-temperature dust remover. The materials inside the cylinder constantly rolls and falls under the action of rotating cylinder and plate. They effectively interact with hot air and the cylinder wall to have sufficient moisture-heat exchange, so that they could get dried. After drying, theforage and other materials are collected by the tail cover and discharged from the dry material screw conveyer. The dried off-gas is discharged into the air after being dedusted by the dust-remover. If necessary, working sections such as grinding, mixing, pelleting, packing, etc. can also be provided to process the dried forage and other materials.
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High output, low energy consumption, stable& reliable operation, and can realize large-scale continuous drying operations;
Good sealingand perfect dust-removal system ensures no dust leakage and good working environment;
High degree of automation and easy operation;
It can be used for the drying of materials with poor flow characteristics such as pasture, pomace, distiller’s grains, compound fertilizer;
Convenient to connect with follow-up sections such as grinding, mixing, pelleting, packing, etc., to improve the deep processing level of materials. The products can meet the quality standards for exportation.
Dryer model Capacity(t/d) Moisture before drying (%) Moisture after drying (%) Power Coal consumption
(kW) (kg/h)
MCHG120 20 <65 <14 40 200
MCHG160 40 <65 <14 60 400
MCHG200 60 <65 <14 80 600
MCHG280 80 <65 <14 100 800
MCHG320 100 <65 <14 120 1000

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