Efficient oil drying system
Based on the drying characteristics of oil plants, the drying system of oil plants designed and manufactured by our company optimizes and determines structure and parameters with computer simulation, which makes significant improvements to the angle-shape and arrangement of the original mixed flow dryer. Under the premise of ensuring the speed of hot air, we ,increase heating air and the drying time of oil plants by increasing the angular distance between the upper and lower layers. Hence achieving drying with low-temperature and large air flow. The equipment has large processing capacity and operates stably. The dried oil plants contain uniform moisture, have high oil yield and good quality.
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Equipment layout is reasonable and compact, it occupies a small area.
Fully-sealed structure prevents leakage of dust.
Corrosion and high temperature resistance and long service life.
High heat transfer performance and efficiency.
Uniform grain discharge without attachment.
Top-spin grain discharge with lower broken rate.
Low fatty acid value increment, high oil yield and low crackle ratio of oil plants grain.
Dryer models HYL5 HYL10 HYL15 HYL25 HYL50 HYL75 HYL100
(t/d) 100 200 300 500 1000 1500 2000
Moisture reduction (%) 3~18 adjustable
Heating medium Clean air
The temperature of heating air (℃) < 130
Drying unevenness (%) < 2
Broken rate increment (%) < 0.3

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