Corn-Rice Multi-purpose Drying System
Based on microscopic and macro grain moisture-heat transfer laws, the corn/rice multi-purpose drying system uses mathematical simulation to optimize the technology process and parameters. It combines the drying process of "downstream" and "counter flow" in an optimal way, to achieve the best performance, and it is a classic model of our company.
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The unique design of “grain discharge, ventilation, heat source, transportation, elevation, cleaning, etc.” is applicable to various grains such as corn, rice, wheat, soybean, achieving “one machine-dual use” or “one machine for multiple purposes”.
It is equipped with temporary storage tanks before and after drying to ensure 24h continuous working, suitable for various environmental conditions. It can work normally even in windy, rainy, snowy and icy environments.
Item Corn Rice
Moisture reduction (%) Adjustable from 2% to 22% Adjustable from 2% to 15%
Heating medium Clean air
The temperature of heating air (℃) 100~160 40~70
The highest heated temperature of grain (℃) 50 43
Drying unevenness (%) <2
Broken rate increment (%) ≤0.5 ≤0.3
Crack rate/crackle ratio increment (%) ≤25 ≤2

Dryer models Capacity (t/d) Moisture reduction (%) Interior cross- section size (m) Rated power (kW)
HLYT5 100 2-22% adjustable (corn) 2-15% adjustable (rice) 2.0×2.0 56.5
HLYT10 200 2.5×2.5 90.5
HLYT15 300 3.0×3.5 131
HLYT20 400 3.5×3.5 166.5
HLYT25 500 4.0×4.0 196.5
HLYT35 700 4.5×4.5 243.5

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