Corn Drying System
The corn drying machine is firstly developed by our company in China and wins the second prize of the National Award for Progress in Science and Technology. Aiming at the special conditions in Northern China, the corn dryer adopts the “downstream-counter flow” drying technology and carries out "sub-sectional variable temperature drying” according to the temperature of heated corn. There is a tempering section between two drying sections and the drying” and "tempering” works alternately. This model combines the drying processes of "downstream” and "counter flow” to achieve the optimal performance, and therefore it is the optimal model for corn drying in Northern China.
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Advanced technology: it passes the inspection and acceptance of the national expert group, remains the technology leader in China, and reaches the advanced level of the world's corn drying technology;
Strong operability and high degree of automation;
All-metal structure, modular construction and easy installation and maintenance;
High heat air temperature,and generally the temperature of class I high temperature section can reach 150-200℃;
Large processing capacity (200-2000t/d), large moisture reduction at a time (2~17%) and strong adaptability;
Adopting the multi-section drying process of “downstream drying--tempering…counter flow drying--tempering—counter flow and downstream cooling”, so that corn grains are heated evenly. Sufficient tempering is conducive to the outward spread of moisture inside the corn. Its activity will not be affected, ensuring the quality after drying.
Dryer models Capacity (t/d) Moisture reduction (%) Power (kW) Interior cross-section size (m)
HSNT2.5 50 2~22 adjustable 39 1.5×1.5
HSNT5 100 2~22 adjustable 56.5 2.0×2.0
HSNT7.5 150 2~22 adjustable 72.5 2.0×2.5
HSNT10 200 2~22 adjustable 90.5 2.5×2.5
HSNT15 300 2~22 adjustable 131 3.0×3.5
HSNT20 400 2~22 adjustable 166.5 3.5×3.5
HSNT25 500 2~22 adjustable 196.5 4.0×4.0
HSNT35 700 2~22 adjustable 243.5 4.5×4.5
HSNT50 1000 2~22 adjustable 418 5.0×5.0
HSNT60 1200 2~22 adjustable 487 (Twin towers) 4.5×4.5

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