5H series grain dryer1
5H series grain dryer1
Recirculating Dryer

5H Series Grain Dryer

The 5H series grain dryer adopts multi-functional design, which can be applied to dry paddy, wheat, cron, soybean and other seeds. It's controlled by micro-computer and has automatic alarm device, which makes machines easy operate and manage. Customers can operate safely.
Product Features
Advanced batch-type & low-temperature circulation drying technology in counter flow improve the drying speed and quality efficiently;
Updated unloading structure design avoid blocking leakage, grain remaining efficiently ensure customers' earnings;
It's improved that the crack rate is less than 3% and the grind rate is less than 0.5%;
Advanced indiredt heating technology which is non-pollution can remove the dust of the grain;
Widely used for drying paddy, wheat, corn, rapeseed and other seeds.
Product Features
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