Grain Storage & Logistics
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Foshan Grain Depots, Foshang, China
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Foshan Grain Depots, Foshang, China
Two grain storage facilities
Rice mills
700,000 Tons silo capacity in total

Silo type
Single hopper shallow silo, double top Ping Tang silo.

City storehouse: total storage capacity is 33.97 million ton,first phase is 20.37 million ton, second phase 136 thousand ton; District storehouse: total storage capacity is 352 thousand ton, first phase 200 thousand ton, second phase 152 thousand ton. It includes shallow silos, flat warehouses, low-temperature finished products storage, oil tanks, rice processing workshops.

Taking "green, ecological, intelligent" as the goal, a new type of environmental protection grain depot with green building humanization, information management digitization and ecological grain storage intellectualization is created. The planning of the whole reservoir area incorporates the elements of grain historical and cultural themes, and shapes the reservoir and reservoir features with epochal features and distinct personality.