Grain Storage & Logistics
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Receiving, delivery and storage by ship and truck
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Receiving, delivery and storage by ship and truck
● Grain processing facility
● Grain inspection and testing centre
● Phase I: 130,000 tons vertical silo capacity and 320,000 tons shallow silo capacity.
● Ship unloading capacity 10,000,000 t/y
● Ship loading capacity 12,000,000 t/y
● Truck delivery capacity 2,000,000 t/y

Silo type
Shallow silo ,vertical silo

It has warehousing and logistics facilities such as waterway receiving, waterway dispatching, automobile dispatching, etc. It can take and unload 80,000 to 100,000 DWT ship.

Industry Status
It is the largest grain storage and transportation facility in the Pearl River Delta. It is a comprehensive large-scale grain commercial and trade base with functions of transfer, storage, commerce, processing, logistics distribution, testing and information service.