Grain Storage & Logistics
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Beiliang Grain Terminal, Dalian, China
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Largest grain port terminal in Asia ,large conveying capacity, full entry and exit functions, and high automation.
MEC (Mechanical, Electrical & Control Equipment and Installation) project
2,000,000 tons silo capacity
Annual grain handling capacity 12,000,000 tons
It can handle 80 thousand to 100 thousand DWT class ships, 2400 L18 type bulk grain truck and other professional facilities.
Facility for 3400 bulk railcars
Bulk railcar unloading capacity 2,000 t/hx2+1,000 t/hx2
Ship unloading capacity 1,000 t/hx2
Bulk railcar loading capacity 2,000 t/hx2
Ship loading capacity 2,000 t/hx2+1,000 t/hx2
Industry Status
With the world's advanced technology, Asia's largest grain port transit construct the "production area, port, marketing area" Rail-sea intermodal logistics chain, which is a milestone in the modernization process of China's grain logistics.