Rice Milling
Rice Milling
For more than 50 years, we have focused on rice processing from every step of drying, storage, cleaning, hulling, milling, grading and packaging. We strive to provide customers with reliable equipment and efficient integrated solutions.
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Rice Type
There is a wide variety of rice around the world, and we take into account the characteristics of each variety according to local conditions when formulating the plan. In the process of providing services to our customers in the past around the world, we have accumulated rich experience in processing different varieties of rice.
Business Scope
COFCO Group operates dozens of integrated industrial parks for rice products around the world, which also allows us to know more about the real needs of our customers than others.
Processing by-products
We also provide customers with solutions for the comprehensive utilization for by-products in the rice processing sector, where by-products are properly handled and the value of the customers’ project is maximized.
This solution is tailored for farmers from grain producing areas and small grain trading companies to facilitate the collection and re-distribution of grain.
We have completed several project cases.
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