Grain Drying
Grain Drying
Grains generally contain higher moisture after harvesting. Before entering the warehouse, the water content of the grain needs to be reduced to below the safe moisture by drying to ensure the stability of grain storage.
Our solutions are customized according to the varieties and characteristics of the grain and local climate. Whether it is corn with high moisture content, heat sensitive paddy rice or easy broken and easy rancid oil seed, our solutions can handle it with ease. Whether in the cold Russian region, hot Africa and the Middle East, or the humid and rainy South East Asia, our systems have performed well.
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In addition, our drying system can be also applied to the processing of forage, palm leaf, pomace and distiller’s grains. As the leader in drying technology in grain and oil seed industry, we are in constant pursuit of providing customers with advanced, energy-saving and efficient process solutions, and stable and reliable equipment.
This solution is tailored for farmers from grain producing areas and small grain trading companies to facilitate the collection and re-distribution of grain.
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