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Rice Milling is a profitable business in India
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India is the 6th largest market for food and grocery in the world. 11.2% of the land is occupied by the milling business. Increasing the purchasing power, rising retail prices and urbanization, the food processing industry is taking an upward trend. Milling business in India is evolving the new opportunities for manufacturing operations.

Rice Milling

Rice comes under the important grains in India; also India is the world's largest rice transporter in the world. In the rice milling process, the hulls and barns are removed from the paddy grain and the polished rice is extracted. About 2 acre land is required for the establishment of the quality unit. Various steps are carried out while the rice milling. To accomplish the task and for the better rice mill setup of the rice meal industry, Rice mill consultant help in the establishment of the mill plant. Along with this rice meal engineers and designers look forward to all the cleaning units, working units of the plants, and ensure the working capacity of the rice mill plant design. Rice milling includes several steps, from that deals with the removing of husk, paddy separation, whitening and polishing of the rice, then separation of the white rice.

We provide both individual machines and turnkey factory construction projects upon the rice milling requests. Using our own technology and thanks to our dedicated staff, we are able to provide tailor made solutions to customer’s needs. We accumulated know how enables to adapt to local market conditions and requirements easily.