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First completion of nine concrete silo projects in Algeria
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The first project of the nine concrete silo projects in Algeria designed by COFCO Engineering & Technology (Zhengzhou) was successfully completed in Constantine, a city located in east Algeria on June 4, local time. At this point, the civil construction and Mechanical and electrical installation of the 50,000-ton concrete silo project in Constantine was successfully completed. The Algerian government highly appraised COFCO’s efficiency and Professionalism.
The nine concrete silo projects in Algeria are designed with a total capacity of 350,000 tons. The silos are distributed in nine provinces, of which four provinces have a construction scale of 50,000 tons and an output of 300 tons per hour, and five provinces have a construction scale of 30, 000 tons and an output of 200 tons per hour.
The 50, 000-ton silo project in Constantine completed on the same day is currently the country's largest grain storage facility, with a production capacity of 300 tons per hour. The project is also among the first of large scale granary construction projects launched in Algeria in the past 40 years.
This project is an example of overcoming multiple technical difficulties including complex geological conditions and harsh weather conditions by adopting advanced technology, strict specifications and standards ensuring both structural safety and economic factors.
The process design is fully automated in and out of the warehouse operation. The main process flow includes the automatic loading and unloading of trucks and trains, the automatic loading of trucks and trains in the warehouse, and grain circulation among warehouses. The production line is equipped with all kinds of automatic devices such as sampling, inspection, cleaning, iron removal, awning (for barley), weighing measurement, PLC automatic control system, video monitoring system. Also the warehouse is equipped with intelligent grain storage devices including grain condition monitoring system, automatic ventilation and cooling, circulation fumigation and insecticide etc. Multi-functional process with high efficiency and flexibility makes it a technically advanced grain logistics and storage facility.
The design of this project has to conform to the French norms within the framework of the EU standard, it is also necessary to comply with the Algerian local standards. The civil engineers involved in the project carefully studied and compared the code systems they need to follow and applied internationally accepted structural calculation software (SAP2000, ROBOT and ETABS) to conduct the design. Through painstaking technical demonstration with the CTC Audit and drawing Agency, the local design institute and the supervision company, COFCO plan passed technical review with serious attitude, strong technical solutions and extensive experience.
Aiming for an economically reasonable plan, multi scheme comparison and selection was conducted. The final plans for the nine projects have adapted to the geological conditions of each individual place, to achieve the best cost-effective performance. There are three main categories: pile foundation, raft foundation and box foundation.
Algeria is a food importing country. This project will make important contributions to the improvement of the country’s grain logistics system. At the same time, it will provide a strong guarantee for the country's food supply security and will generate huge social and economic benefits.
As an important achievement of COFCO Engineering & Technology (Zhengzhou)’s overseas grain storage design project, this project is of great significance for the company to continue its exploration of the international market.
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